My school

My school is very beautiful .It has a big playground and we often do exercise on it.I have a very happy school life.Teacher there is very good and patient to students.I go to school at 7 o'clock.Our school life is so fine.We have a lot of activities.I get long well with my classmates .I love my school .

My School 英语作文
My school is at Haimen Town. It is very big and beautiful. There are forty-three classes in it. When you come to our school, you can see the modern teaching building. Our teachers work and do practice in it. Behind the building, there are two classroom buildings and a school library. In the library there are thousands and thousands of books. After class you can borrow the books you want and also you can read them in the reading room at any time. Beside our classroom, there is a big playground. At about 4:30 p.m. every day, many students play football, basketball and some of them play tennis. All the playground is alive.
Our school is a model school in Jiangsu. I like my school very much.


A friend is a person who can let you feel warm when you are depressed.So I have many friends.But Tom is my best friend.He is as old as me.He taller than me.Basketball is his favorite sport.We are in the same class.He is good at study.So his study is very good.We learn from each other and help each other.He will help me if i got in trouble.I will help he as much as I can. I hope our friendship will forever and ever.
朋友是能让您感到温暖的人,当您是沮丧的时候。因此我有许多朋友。但是Tom是我的最好的朋友。他和我年龄一样。他比我高。篮球是他喜爱的体育。我们是在同班。他善于学习。因此他的成绩是非常好。我们从彼此学习并且互相帮助。如果我有麻烦,他将帮助我。如果他有,我也会帮助他。 我希望我们的友谊永远持续下去。2.My friend is a boy.
He is very tall and handsome.
He likes singing ,dancing and lots of sport.
He has a sister and a brother.
He always play football with his classmates and they always enjoy themself.
He also is very helpful and polite.